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Trust Registration Online In India

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Documents Required for Trust Registration


Documents from the trustee

Name of the Trustee, Employment, Address, Age, Assignment, Contact Information, Photographs, and Documents with Government Recognized Addresses


Address Ownership Proof of Office

Required documents include Electricity Bill ,Home Tax receipt,NOC.


Settlers and Witnesses

During registration, two observers must sign. Additionally, the migrant must already exist at the moment of enrollment.

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What do you get?


Establishment of Charitable Undertakings

Registering a charitable trust in India enables multiple humanitarian efforts. By stating reasons in the bylaws, many individuals can benefit.


Easy Integration

Trust registration online is hassle-free. Just fill out the form in the right format and contact Bizzzup for prompt registration certificate procurement.


Help for Children

A stamped copy of the TM-A form with the For securing your children's future, register a private trust in India online. It's the best option, and private trust registration online is convenient.number


Protection of Family Wealth

Private trust registration in India is crucial to safeguard one's property.


Exemptions from Taxes

Online trust registration provides tax protection. Public trusts in India can avail tax benefits by registering as charitable trusts under Income Tax Act 12A and 12AA.


Putting up temples

Online trust registration can create an entity that can amalgamate a temple via temple trust registration.


Individual Assistance

Trust online registration is aided by establishing a trust under Section 12A. This helps in consolidating an organization aimed at serving people.

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Filings Made Using Automated Technology

Web-based Process

Upload all of your documents online.

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We make every effort to file your Company on the same day you submit your documents.


We monitor your business and keep you informed of all necessary steps.

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