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Trademark Opposition Online In India

No delays or challenges anymore! With India's top company incorporation service provider, register your business.

How long does it take?


Get a call from our Industry Expert!

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You will get a call from our industry expert!

Documents Required for Trademark Opposition


ID for Trademark Application

Knowing who the trademark's assignor and assignee are will be helpful.


Authority of Attorney

Printed without a judicial stamp, approving our attorney's representation of you.

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What do you get?


Draft response

a copy of the proposed response to the opposition to the trademark

Why Choose Bizzzup ?

Verify the objection

Chances of your TM Application passing

Web-based Process

Upload all of your documents online.

The quickest filings

We make every effort to file your Company on the same day you submit your documents.


We monitor your business and keep you informed of all necessary steps.

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