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Joint Venture Agreement Online In India

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Documents Required for Trust Registration


ID Proof

Government ID proof with photo


Incorporation Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation with Company Information and Registration Number


Address Proof

Scanned copies of your PAN card, Aadhar card, voter ID, passport, and driver's license


Financial statement 

The financial statements for both businesses' most recent financial year.

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What do you get?


Cost reduction

A successful collaboration might reduce the cost of additional resources, such as office space and access to suppliers and distribution networks. The cost, time, and energy savings of obtaining these resources on your own are greater.


Sharing Benefits And Risks

Benefits and risks may be distributed and shared in JV agreements. This motivates businesses to finish the task successfully and without running the risk of failing.


Alignments with Culture

It helps companies adapt to emerging markets. Foreign companies are able to understand market trends and modify their development strategies accordingly.


Asset Distribution

Joint venture agreements grant participating companies usage rights to resources like technology, intellectual property, and human resources.


Overcoming Legal Challenges

Because of legal restrictions, some industries and businesses may not be accessible to foreign investment, joint venture agreements are more preferable.


Little Liability

Joint venture agreements let companies maintain their individual legal identities. It is a minimum liability option for businesses that use 100% FDI.

Why Choose Bizzzup ?

Technology Enabled

Filings Made Using Automated Technology

Web-based Process

Upload all of your documents online.

The quickest filings

We make every effort to file your Company on the same day you submit your documents.


We monitor your business and keep you informed of all necessary steps.

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