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GST Registration Online In India

No delays or challenges anymore! With India's top company incorporation service provider, register your business.

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Documents Required for GST Registration


ID Proof

Aadhar card and PAN card


Bank Account Details

Copies of recent bank statements or rejected checks



Current passport-sized photograph.


Registered Office Proof

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner, a utility statement (no more than two months old), and a notarized rent agreement (in the event of rented property)/Registry Proof or House Tax Receipt (in case of owned property)


Board Resolution/Authorization Letter

For businesses, a BR is necessary, and in all other situations, an authorization letter is needed.

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What do you get?


GST Certificate

Certificate of GST registration with ARN and GSTIN numbers

Why Choose Bizzzup ?

Technology Enabled

Filings Made Using Automated Technology

Web-based Process

Upload all of your documents online.

The quickest filings

We make every effort to file your Company on the same day you submit your documents.


We monitor your business and keep you informed of all necessary steps.

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