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Founders Agreement Online In India

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Documents Required for Founders Agreement 


Address Proof

Address proof of all co-founders


ID Proof

Identification documents for each co-founder and witnesses


Company Objective

The company's clear goal


Equity shares

The total equity shares each co-founder has


Percentage of shares

The total percentage of each co-founder's shares.

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What do you get?


How to Choose the Right Business Entity

The founders agreement will specifically state the nature and type of entity that the co-founders should establish, thereby establishing the correct course to be taken.


Making Decisions

Ideological disagreements between co-founders will inevitably arise at some point, and these disagreements must be resolved using the right decision-making procedures. The founders' agreement will specify a process to be followed in this area when making decisions. If the voting system is used, it should specify the weighted average of each founder's votes and offer a way out in the event of a tie.


Business Plans in Outline

This agreement outlines the entity's vision and mission as well as the short- and long-term objectives that must be met over time.


Provisions for Compensation

This agreement outlined the compensation plan to be used if any of the cofounders violated the required clauses. Every cofounder's share of the expected compensation will be stated in this section.


Specifying the Positions and Responsibilities

Without a proper framework for the assigned roles, it is obvious that there will be overlap in the roles and responsibilities of the co-founders. Determining the roles and responsibilities of the co-founders in accordance with their areas of expertise, such as marketing, operations, finance, etc., is crucial.


Removal of Co-Founders

Any co-founder who engages in dishonest behavior, such as financial theft, sexual harassment, or employment with other businesses, may be fired from the company. This agreement guarantees a suitable framework for handling such circumstances and determining the appropriate funds to be returned to the expelled co-founder.


Structure of Ownership

The founders agreement will specifically outline the ownership structure with regard to the initial contribution made by the cofounder or the percentage of equity shares held by the cofounder in the case of a company, preventing any potential future disputes between them.



The founders agreement contained a separate confidentiality clause that made it a requirement for founders to keep business secrets confidential.

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