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Company Closure Online In India

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Documents Required for Company Closure

The documents must be scanned and signed by the authorized personnel before being filed with the MCA.


Statement of Accounts (SOA)

Account information for the company in full detail



A director's affidavit submitted separately with form STK-4 when filing a strike-off.


Bond of Indemnity

Each director must submit this form with STK-3.


Bank Closure Certificate

Before applying, all bank accounts with both nationalized and private banks must be closed.


Updated DIN KYC

All corporate directors are required to have current DIN and DSC as well as current KYC and ROC.

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Free Consultation

Free advice on eligibility for company closure


Notice of Company Strike

Evidence of a company's removal from the MCA database has been published in the official gazette.

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Technology Enabled

Automated technology filings

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Upload all of your documents online.

The quickest filings

We make every effort to file your Company on the same day you submit your documents.


We monitor your business and keep you informed of all necessary steps.

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